SQL Server Management Studio Tips – Part 2

This is the second in a series of posts highlighting Scott Cate’s video series of Visual Studio tricks over the last few months from Sara Ford’s blog.

As I mentioned in Part 1, many of the commands are documented in the  SQL Server 2008 help topic – SQL Server Management Studio Keyboard Shortcuts.


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#14 Word Wrap, and Word Wrap Glyph Toggling word wrap is handy in certain scenarios. You can also add the Toggle Word Wrap mode command to your toolbar.
#17 Keyboard Shortcut to Comment and Uncomment Code SSMS is slightly different. You need to do [CTRL]+[K] followed by [CTRL]+[C] to comment or [CTRL]+[U] to uncomment.
#20 Create New Line; Above and Below your Current Line This is handy because you can add the line without worrying about the current position in the line you are on.

[CTRL]+[ENTER] = Insert Line Above

  • (Same effect as [HOME],[ENTER],[UP] )

[CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[ENTER] = Insert Line Below

  • (Same effect as [END],[ENTER] )
#21 Transpose Characters, words, and lines in the editor This one doesn’t work completely SSMS.  Just these commands work:

[CTRL]+[SHIFT]+T = Transpose a word

[ALT]+[SHIFT]+T = Transpose a line

#22 Delete the beginning white space for selected line(s) Very handy way to remove indented white space with [CTRL]+[K] followed by [CTRL]+[\]
#24 Uppercase and Lowercase Keyboard Shortcuts SSMS is a little different on this post where: [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+U = Make Uppercase [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+L = Make Lowercase

Tomorrow – Part 3

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