SQL Server Management Studio Tips – Part 3

This is the third in a series of posts highlighting Scott Cate’s video series of Visual Studio tricks over the last few months from Sara Ford’s blog.

As I mentioned in Part 1, many of the commands are documented in the  SQL Server 2008 help topic – SQL Server Management Studio Keyboard Shortcuts.

Blog Post Comments
#33 Drag and Drop techniques inside the Visual Studio Editor This post shows how you can use the Ctrl key to make a copy of text you are dragging in the editor and how to drag text into a tabbed editor window.
#34 Cut and Paste Collapsed code in Visual Studio With SQL Server 2008 Intellisense, it’s important to know how hidden text is impacted by cut/copy/paste.
#39 Middle button support in the Visual Studio Editor I keep forgetting you can click on the wheel of the mouse to scroll.
#41 Forward and Backward navigation in Visual Studio Editor Only [CTRL] + [-] works for moving back, but it’s still a handy time saver. If you want to add the tool bar button to your query editor toolbar, you’ll find Navigate Backwards in the View section.
#43 Select from Cursor to last “Go Back” marker in Visual Studio This is real handy when you are moving the cursor and realize you want to select the text. [CTRL]+[=] = Select from current cursor position to last Go Back marker.
#44 Delete whole word (or whitespace) at a time forward and backwards This is real handy for deleting columns in the project list. [CTRL]+[BACKSPACE] to delete the word to the left and [CTRL]+[DELETE] to delete words to the right.
#45 Move cursor to top or bottom of screen (without scrolling) The use of [CTRL]+{UP ARROW] or [DOWN ARROW] keys to scroll without changing the cursor location is very handy.
#47 Swapping Anchor points (THIS IS COOL!) in Visual Studio When not getting the initial selection right – this is very handy. In SSMS, the keystroke is actually [CTRL]+[K], [A]
#56 Show Shortcut Keys in Visual Studio Toolbar Tooltips Great aid to learn keyboard shortcuts for toolbar buttons.

On to Part 4 for tomorrow.

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