Architecture Thought Leaders Gathered in New York

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It is great when my worlds collide. As many of you know I am an Architect Evangelist with Microsoft. I also run the New York City chapter of the International Association of Software Architect (IASA).

On October 12-14, 2009 we held our IT Architect Regional Conference in New York. This was billed as the Thought Leaders Edition because of all the industry Architecture thought leaders presenting there.

Here is a montage of screen shots from the event.


Microsoft Sponsors the New York IT Architecture Regional Conference



The Thought Leaders Panel. Left to right: Angela Yochem (Dell Enterprise Architect and IASA Fellow), Grady Booch (Chief Scientist, IBM/Rational), Roger Sessions: (ObjectWatch), John Zachman (President of Zachman Associates, CEO of Zachman Frameworks Associates and arguably the father of Enterprise Architecture), Bill Inmon: (Arguably the father of the Data Warehouse.) and Eric Evans: (Author of the book Domain Driven Design and the father of that discipline).



Angela Yochem: on Enterprise Architecture



 Eric Evans on Domain Driven Design.



John Zachman on Enterprise Architecture and the Zachman Framework.

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