Ignition Showcase Highlights - 11/1/2010


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Windows Phone 7 Windows Azure BizSpark News CRM Update

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Windows Phone 7 Announcements!


Windows Phone 7 PDC10 Sessions Windows Phone 7 Applications Certifications Requirements Published


Windows Azure Announcements!


Hot Azure News from PDC 10 New York City signs up for Microsoft's Cloud Guidance for Moving Applications to the Cloud Windows Azure PDC10 Sessions


BizSpark News!


TritonWorks, A BizSpark Success Story


CRM Update!

Dynamics CRM 2011 is coming. Are you ready?

Windows Azure Firestarters

Tampa, FL  - 11/08/2010  -  Register

Alpharetta,  GA  -  11/10/2010  -  Register

Charlotte, NC  -  11/11/2010  -  Register

West Henrietta, NY  -  11/16/2010  -  Register

Waltham, MA  -  11/30/2010  -  Register


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Bill Zack

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