IT Architects Regional Conference is coming to New York

The International Association of Software Architects (IASA) has been running a series of IT Architect Regional Conferences all over the world. These conferences are the largest event in the regions to address the pressing needs of IT architects today. (See The theme of the conference, “Kick your skills into high gear”, is targeted at architects of all levels who are interested in walking out of every session with a new capability. The conference will carry forward the success of the recent IASA Architect Skills Library, which delivered over 600 pages of material on architect skills from IT architects all over the world.

Recently we held conferences in San Diego and Atlanta with excellent response. Now we are planning one for March 22-23 in New York city.   We are currently looking for presenters and sponsors. If you are interested in either drop me a note at and I will send the forms to you.



ITARC 2008 will host over 30 seminars and four tracks separated by specialty:

1. Enterprise Architecture Track:

Attendees will learn efficient strategies for linking enterprise strategy to implementation, create and articulate sound ROI, prioritize objectives, inspire employees to share your vision, dive in to governance concepts, and enhance existing agile strategies.

2. Infrastructure Architecture Track:

Attendees will learn how to create and maintain successful deliverables, position service oriented architecture within a sound enterprise infrastructure, model network, security, information and technical architectures, better utilize tools to optimize the infrastructure services.

3. Software Architecture Track:

Attendees will learn how to increase alignment between architecture, business and development, troubleshoot software architecture, assess architecture and software maturity, drive architecture evolution by effectively selecting next generation technology through a rigorous evaluation process, integrate with dynamic management processes, governance for the successful software architect, and enhance de-sign with realistic software architecture toolsets.

4. Fundamentals of Architecture Track:

Aimed at aspiring architects, this track will develop skills needed by every architect based on real world experience from senior architects around the world, teach effective communication techniques, dive into real strategies for design optimization, communicate ROI and the value of architecture to stake-holders, explore, build effective teams and learn the fundamentals that provide the backbone of the architect's skill set.



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