More Happy is Here !!!

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I like working for Microsoft (That's in case my boss is listening :-)) but it has never been as much fun as it was today.  As you know by now Windows 7 launched today.  I was asked to volunteer to go to my local Best Buy and demonstrate the features of Windows 7 to their customers.


What a blast! As an Architect Evangelist for Microsoft I deal mostly with enterprise customers so I had never done anything like this before, dealing directly with consumers.  It was a great experience.  Not only was the response to Windows 7 universally positive but it also accounted for record computer sales at this Best Buy. Computers were literally flying off the shelves.  I spoke to the person at the door who was responsible for logging out every sold computer as it left the store.  On a good day they were selling about 10 computers (this Best Buy is not in a major population area.)  By noon they already had sold twice that number!

Most of the customers that I spoke to indicated that they had been to the store recently looking for a computer but had decided to wait until they could get one loaded with Windows 7. Several of the customers were looking for a computer for small children in the 8-13 year old range.  In particular the Parental Controls features were a big hit with them.  Others just liked the little usability features that permeate the operating system.

Happy is Here, and I have no doubt that More Happy is Coming. :-)


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