New York Microsoft Cloud Computing User Group Meeting

The New York chapter of the Microsoft Cloud Computing User Group meets again on January 26, 2009

At Microsoft, 1290 Avenue of the Americas, 6th floor, New York, NY

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Space fills up fast, and Building Security requires it.

Meeting topic: Windows Azure Cloud Storage

When trying to build services that are highly scalable, durable and always available, the storage of data is critical. In this session we will begin to dig deeper into Azure. We will start by examining Azure's file system otherwise known as Cloud Storage. We will discuss Cloud Storage’s ability to store both structured and unstructured data by using blobs. In addition, we will discuss building back end services and the ability of Azure to queue work to be processed by back end services using queued storage.

The Microsoft Cloud Computing User Group meets every 4th Monday of the month on topics ranging over the breadth and depth of Microsoft's new software + service cloud platform. This platform has the most amazing development experience and reuses your existing skills sets.

Future topics will include:

  • Windows Live Services - Live ID
  • Microsoft .NET Services - SQL Services: SDS basics (ACE, Explorer)
  • Microsoft .NET Services - Service bus
  • Windows Azure - Application Model / Roles
  • Windows Live Services - Mesh
  • Microsoft .NET Services - SQL Services: Entities, queries & LINQ
  • Microsoft .NET Services - Access control
  • Windows Live Services - Sync across devices
  • Microsoft .NET Services - SQL Services: Sync
  • Microsoft .NET Services – Workflow
  • Windows Azure - Application Health Monitoring  

For more details contact:

Juan Suero

Chris Rolon

Bill Zack

If you missed last month’s meeting which was an overview of the whole Azure Services Platform and want to catch up I did a similar presentation last month. My presentation deck and a video screencast of the presentation are posted here.

Chris Rolon and I will also be presenting A Lap Around Windows Azure and the Azure Services Platform at the Microsoft Developers Conference on January 20th in New York. If you did not get a chance to go to PDC this year this is a great opportunity to attend the best sessions from PDC.