SQL Azure Performance, The Missing SQL Server Agent and SQL Azure Labs


Improving Your SQL Azure I/O Performance

The SQL Azure team has done a post on improving SQL Azure I/O performance.

This blog post talks about how to detect queries which use a high amount of I/O and how to increase the performance of your I/O on SQL Azure.

I Miss You SQL Server Agent: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

Currently, SQL Azure doesn’t support running SQL Server Agent in the cloud. If you need SQL Server Agent type functionality for SQL Azure, you can use a Windows Azure Worker role and some custom code, the author shows you how in this blog post series.

SQL Azure Labs

SQL Azure Labs provides a place where you can access incubations and early preview bits for products and enhancements to SQL Azure.

Currently available are:

  • SQL Azure OData Service
  • SQL Azure Data Sync
  • Project Houston CTP 1  

The goal is to gather feedback to ensure we are providing the features you want to see in the product. All technologies on this site are for testing and are not ready for production use. Some of these features might not even make it into production – it’s all based upon your feedback.

Also please note, since these features are actively being worked on, you should not use them against any production SQL Azure databases.

If you do have feedback on a specific feature, please let us know by emailing us at SQLAzureLabs@microsoft.com

And if you have a new feature request, be sure to enter it at www.mygreatsqlazureidea.com

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