Turning our Attention to the Cloud

As a new blogger I have jumped around a bit in the topics that I have ben covering recently. In the future I intend to focus more on one topic area: Microsoft Cloud Services. 

Our Cloud Services story has been exposed a bit in the various cloud based Software+ Services (S+S) offerings that we have announced up until now.  It is no secret that there are going to be a lot of new related features announced at this year's Professional Developer Conference (PDC) in October.  (If you look at the PDC agenda page and select the Cloud Services hyperlink you will see what I mean.)  In fact If you are at all interested in Software as a Services (SaaS) or S+S I would not miss this PDC if I were you. :-)

A lot is going to be said at PDC about features exposed in and through the cloud.  Since I am an architect I intend to focus on the design patterns and practices for building applications using these new capabilities.  Of course I do not expect that to be easy.  Best practices and design patterns emerge over a period of usage and discovery so it is hard to say up front what they should be.  Nevertheless I will do my best. :-)  Certainly the architecture of the services already announced and to be announced will lend themselves to certain design patterns .  Creative users however will also find new ways to use them in furthering their business needs.  This should be fun!

Stay tuned :-)