Windows Azure in 20 Minutes!


I had the opportunity to present The Windows Azure Platform at the 2nd Annual ISV Architects Workshop in New York City on December 10,2009. My thanks to my associate Gunther Lenz who is the local Microsoft ISV Architect Evangelist for the opportunity.

The presentation was enthusiastically received by the group. There was also significant excitement about the elevation of “Cloud” from a Microsoft incubation project to a business with the recent announcement that the Microsoft Server Division has been renamed the Microsoft Server and Cloud Division. smile_regular  This is more validation that Microsoft is indeed serious about the Software+Services approach to solving your business problems.

This workshop was run in the form of an Open Space Conference where the topics were proposed and voted on by the attendees.

Following my brief Windows Azure presentation the attendees selected the following Azure related topics for more detailed breakout sessions:

  • Security in the cloud
  • Windows Azure Platform AppFabric (Service Bus and Access Control Service)
  • Enterprise application migration to the cloud
  • Good application types for the Windows Azure Platform
  • Public/Private clouds
  • Azure application monitoring and instrumentation
  • SQL Azure
  • Hybrid applications (combining on-premise + Azure components)
  • Fear of Clouding smile_regularand early adoption experience.

I had the pleasure of moderating those sessions throughout the day. Thanks to all of you who attended. The presentation can be downloaded from here.


Bill Zack, Architect Evangelist
Microsoft Developer & Platform Evangelism

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