Windows Phone 7 Training Kit is Available

Windows Phone tools for developers are ready. Now it’s time for you to start building your own Windows Phone application. There are no more excuses, no reasons to postpone. Get the tools and start writing your app today! image

As part of our efforts to help developers to jumpstart their Windows Phone applications development, we’ve updated the Windows Phone Training Kit for Developers to the RTM version of the tools.

The Training Kit is bigger than ever. With five new labs, the Kit now has a total of 12 labs. Due to the size of the Training Kit, and to make it easier for you to focus on your desired technology, you have a few options to choose from. You can download a local copy of any or all of these Kit modules:

As usual, you can go to the online version on Channel 9. This version includes all the labs.

This release of the Windows Phone Training Kit for Developers includes all the labs from the previous Beta release (updated to the RTM tools) and all the Windows Phone session recordings from TechEd North America. In addition we added five new labs:

  • Using Silverlight Map Control and Bing Services
  • Building Silverlight Applications Using Panorama and Pivot Controls
  • Catapult Wars - A 2D Physics Game
  • Using Choosers and Handling Tombstone in XNA Framework Games

3D Game Development with XNA Framework

Learn more here.

Bill Zack