adCenter API customer webcast 1 PM PST, Thursday, Nov. 19th, with program manager and API team


I want to rally renewed interest for our monthly customer webcasts. Some of our recent sessions resulted in issues with connectivity, we cancelled the webcast in September, and last month our promotion was buried somewhat in all the news about the release of the adCenter Fall Upgrade. Yet, we heard from customers that these are worthwhile opportunities for developers to talk with the product team members. The information we get from customers at these sessions has resulted in some changes to the program and some new information that helps the entire community. It's a great opportunity for us to hear from  customers on a regular basis.

Further, with a technology such as a search advertising platform, where the business is changing frequently, everyone benefits from frequent communication.

With that mea culpa and rallying cry, I'd like to invite adCenter API developers to join us tomorrow, 1 PM Pacific Time, Thursday Nov. 19th, for the adCenter API Developers Community Live Meeting.

Program Manager Shamit Patel will be discussing adCenter 5.0 updates. He will cover the similarity and differences in the features of the adCenter API and the adCenter Web user interface in this latest update. Shamit will offer some recommendations on campaign management and reporting for API users. He will discuss the editorial flags on ads and keywords; the ability to use arrays in reporting, and some future plans of interest to API users.

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