adCenter API Release Notes

The purpose of the Microsoft adCenter API Release Notes may not be clear to everyone. The purpose of the Release Notes is to inform you of what has changed only with the latest update of the adCenter API. This topic only discusses the delta from the previous version. For example, if a service release was issued that caused a change in the behavior of the API, that would be documented in the Release Notes. The Release Notes are not intended to provide a history of what has changed in the API.

The Release Notes that are posted as of this writing document what changed between version 5.1 and version 6 of the API (You are already porting your code to version 6, aren’t you?) because that was the last behavioral change made to the API.

Beginning with next major update of the API, the Release Notes will also be posted to this blog whenever the API is updated. Although this will provide a limited change history for the API, you must realize that certain information may become invalid at some point. For example, the Release Notes for API version X will contain the URLs of the version X WSDLs. When the time comes that API version X is no longer available, those URLs will no longer be valid.

We always welcome feedback on the API documentation. Please send email to adCenter SDK Content Feedback with any comments or questions you may have about the adCenter API documentation.

Thank You,

Strohm Armstrong
Programming Writer – adCenter API