adCenter API V5/V5.1 Deadlines approaching - Are you Ready?

Can you believe it is June already?  Back when we released Version 5 of the adCenter API in February (February 14th actually) the summer felt so far away.   But, June 3rd reminds us that summer is HERE, and that the deadlines for upgrading your adCenter API-Enabled applications to Version 5/5.1 are approaching fast!

So, we here at the adCenter API Blog have put together some answers for you about the upgrade and encourage you to take a minute to make sure you're on course for the updgrades.

Q. Version 5.1 - What is this?

A. adCenter API users should be receiving email communications from us today regarding an update to the Version 5 adCenter API,  Version 5.1.   The version is highlighted by 3 small changes:

  1. A change in the keywordID data type from an Int to a Long.
  2. Updates to the Campaign Management Web service to support future expansion of the adCenter API.
  3. Updates to all of the WSDL's to put the v5.1 into their URL's.


Q. What's the reason for these changes when you just came out with a major upgrade in February 08?

A. Since we released Version 5 we have been actively evaluating Version 5 and are making ongoing tweaks and adjustments to ensure that the Microsoft adCenter API is operating as expected. We have identified areas in the CampaignManagement WSDL that need additional improvements. At this time, we have not found an immediate need to update the other WSDLs, Administration, CustomerManagement, NotificationManagement, and Reporting

The good news here is that while we reserve the possibility of an upgrade as we continue to tune and tweak, we are currently not planning any more upgrades in Calendar 2008. 

Q. Wait, I've already implemented V5. Do I have to make more changes for V5.1?

A. Yes, if you've already implemented adCenter API version 5 in your adCenter API-enabled applications, you need to update your applications to use version 5.1 by June 29, 2008.  This is a firm date for the change. 

Q. But, what if I am WORKING ON Version 5 implementation right now?

A. The overall deadline set back in Feburary for the update to Version 5 of the adCenter API was August, 14, 2008.  That date still stands today.  Now however, you need to bring your adCenter API-Enabled applications up to V5.1 by that deadline.  Remember, adCenter API Version 5 support will end on June 29th, 2008. 

Q. What if I haven't started on Version 5 yet?

A. The short answer here is, we need you to get going.  We are recommending that you are ready for implementation (testing, etc.) for now version 5.1 of the adCenter API approximately 30 days prior to the August 14, 2008 date.  That means we're approximately 6 weeks from what we hope is a completion date for your updates. 

Q.Yikes! I need help. What are my options?

Luckily, we ARE here to help.  Here are some resources for you to get going:

  • First step is to click over to the freshly updated MSDN adCenter API Docs.  They've got all of the details on what you need to do to get going.
  • We have lots of good samples for V5/5.1 here in the adCenter API blog as in a variety of supported languages.  Watch the blog for more to come as new examples are published. 
  • We've been running monthly Live Meeting's with the Senior Project management team from the adCenter API, all of which are recorded and posted here on   Here's a link to the May Session for a good question and answer session, as well as some background on the V5.1 changes.  Our next session is scheduled for June 17, 2008.
  • Contact your service team members!  Members of the API Technical Support and adCenter client service teams are here to help.  If you have questions, challenges, etc. now is the time to get in touch with us.  We can get you the resources you need to facilitate this upgrade.


We are excited about the new features we have to offer in the Version 5/5.1 upgrade.   However, we definitely understand that enabling these requires changes in your applications.   With the announcement of the Version 5 release back in February we allowed 180 days of upgrade time prior to shutting down V4 support.  We're approaching that deadline however, so if you haven't gotten started on this upgrade, now is the time.  Good luck, and as always thanks for choosing to support the adCenter platform via the adCenter API.



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