Announcing Bing Ads PHP SDK

We are excited to announce release of the Bing Ads PHP SDK.

In addition to proxy classes for each Bing Ads API service operation, data object, and value set, wrapper classes such as OAuthWebAuthCodeGrant and OAuthDesktopMobileAuthCodeGrant are provided to abstract the low level details of Microsoft account OAuth authentication.

We have adopted the PSR-4 standard to support autoloading classes from file paths, so that you don’t have to include each of our proxy classes manually.

We recommend using Composer as a dependency manager so that you don’t have to manually download the proxy classes. The Bing Ads PHP SDK source is pushed to GitHub, and the package is registered at Packagist. As of today, the SDK only supports Bing Ads API versions 9 and 10, so please check back in May for version 11 classes.

Please note the deprecated PHP Classes for Bing Ads API examples will be removed from MSDN at the end of October, so when you migrate to API version 11 you should use the new SDK.

The majority of features are based on your requests. Please continue to submit feature requests and feedback in the Bing Ads API Development Forum, User Voice, and GitHub. You can also contact us at