Announcing for Bing Ads

As previously announced, today we are pleased to confirm that Bing Ads API documentation has moved from MSDN to If you have recently read any Azure, Bot Framework, or Enterprise Mobility + Security developer documentation, then you are likely already familiar with the improvements in readability and site navigation since Microsoft first introduced This article highlights the site features that address specific feedback we heard from Bing Ads developers.

Docs and the Developer Portal

Visit for a new integrated hub experience. Even after you dig deep into the technical content, you’ll always have quick access to the Documentation, News, Support, and Account resources in the navigation header.

Developer Portal Hub

Search and Filter

When you search for something, you should find it. Period. Enter your search phrase into the table of contents filter (e.g., ‘code’ ), and the most relevant content will be surfaced.

Search Filter

Code Example Language Selector

You can now choose either C#, Java, PHP, or Python for inline code samples. If your browser is enabled to accept cookies, then we’ll remember your choice the next time you visit.

Language Selector

Responsive Design

The portal has a responsive layout that seamlessly adapts to your device. Be it mobile, tablet, or PC, you’ll have a front-row experience to readability.

Responsive Design Intermediate Responsive Design Narrow


Community Feedback and Contributions

Your questions, comments, and feedback are important to us. At the top or right navigation bar of every article you’ll see a link to comment, edit, or share as shown below.

Community Contributions

Clicking on Comments will take you to the bottom of the page where you can login (using Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft credentials) to add, follow, or like comments.

The open source documentation on enables community contributions. Every article has an Edit button that takes you to the source Markdown file in GitHub where you can easily submit a pull request to fix or improve content.

The Share button lets you easily share via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Email.

Next Steps

With the move to via GitHub we’ll deliver more modern, comprehensive, and collaborative documentation with greater transparency and agility. We have already started planning the next round of updates including (by popular demand) more inline code samples. As always please feel free to contact support or post a question in the Bing Ads API developer forum.