Announcing general availability of Upgraded URLs

We are excited to announce that UURLs are now available to all our customers starting today! To recap, UURLs provide the following major benefits compared to the standard Destination URLs:

  • Separation of tracking parameters from the final URL. This allows for a cleaner specification and better management of tracking parameters via the tracking template.
  • Improved experience in ad approvals. Because tracking parameter changes are no longer tied to the actual URL, there is no need for edit approval for those types of changes.

In order to use UURLs, you first need to set up a tracking template. This allows you to predefine what parameters you would like to track when a user clicks on your ad. When a click is registered on your ad, Bing automatically appends your tracking template filled in with the appropriate values for the parameters and redirects the user to the final URL. For more information, see Tracking Templates for Landing Page URLs.

We recommend that a default tracking template be defined at the account level which automatically inherits the template at the campaigns, ad groups, ads, and extensions under the account. In order to set the account-level tracking template, you need to set the value of the TrackingUrlTemplate key within the ForwardCompatibilityMap element of the Account Data Object. The default template may be overridden at any of the entities under the account which support a tracking template:

Final URLs and tracking templates can also be manipulated using the Bulk Service. The following bulk entities support management of final URLs:

Also, note that we have added new TrackingTemplate and CustomParameters columns for UURLs to the following reports: