Announcing the availability of Keyword Planner API

We are excited to announce that Keyword Planner features are now available with the Ad Insight service.  The Keyword Planner APIs (likewise with Keyword Planner in the Bing Ads web application) enable you to identify the most effective ad groups and keywords to boost your campaign performance.


The new GetKeywordIdeas operation suggests new ad groups and keywords based on your existing keywords, website, and product category. You can also request historical statistics for keywords e.g., monthly searches, competition, average CPC, and ad impression share. You can further set various targets including location, language and network  as well as filters like keywords to include or exclude to customize the result. Additionally, You can use the returned suggested keyword bids as input to the new GetKeywordTrafficEstimates operation. Note: You can use the GetKeywordIdeaCategories operation to get product category details, in case you want to use the category criterion for keyword ideas.


The new GetKeywordTrafficEstimates operation provides traffic estimates for keywords e.g., average CPC, average position, clicks, CTR, impressions, and total cost. As input you provide the bid and optional daily budget along with targeting settings and negative keywords.

Supported Targeting:

  • Location: US, UK, CA, AU, FR & DE as whole country and fine-grained locations down to city level within these countries
  • Language: English, French, and German


We encourage users to leverage Keyword Planner API to get keyword suggestions with historical statistics and traffic estimations for the supported locations; However, if your market is not supported you can continue to use the existing Ad Insight operations:


The new GetKeywordIdeas and GetKeywordTrafficEstimates operations are already supported with the June release of Bing Ads SDKs, so now is a good time to upgrade! As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact support or post in the Bing Ads API developer forum.