Announcing the Bing Ads API Status Dashboard

A key goal we strive towards on the Bing Ads team is to be as transparent as possible with our customers about all aspects of our service. As part of this commitment to transparency we recently launched the Bing Ads API Status Dashboard which provide an up to the hour update on the availability and latency on key operations of the platform.


Not only can you get a current view of the performance of the API but there is also a view on what the past week of availability has been for the service as well.

We expect this to be a useful tool that provides more visibility into our platform to our valued customers. Please let us know how to make this dashboard more useful for you by either leaving a comment here or posting a question on our forums.

Special recognition goes out to our summer interns Thomas Weng and Prad Nelluru who got the ball rolling on this project. Thanks for the great work. 

Dare Obasanjo

Program Manager, Bing Ads Platform