API v11 is Coming Soon!

We recently announced in our January API Quarterly Call about the upcoming availability of API v11. We’re looking forward to making v11 available in both sandbox and production by early Q2 CY2017. Some of the changes we are bundling in this release are:


New features/Enhancements

  • Price Extensions (Bulk, Campaign)
  • Support for in-market and custom audiences (Bulk, Campaign)


Breaking changes

  • Redesign of targets & remarketing associations to criterion model (Bulk, Campaign)
  • Update of Bulk download entity to include more types (Bulk)
  • Support for monthly budget will be removed from Campaign entity in favor of daily budget (Bulk, Campaign)
  • Return all fields by default in all GET operations where ReturnAdditionalFields was previously required to be set for additional fields (Campaign)
  • All properties hitherto defined in ForwardCompatibilityMap to be available as first-class properties (Campaign)
  • Support partial success for add/update/get/delete of ad extensions (Campaign)


We will provide an update in the next month on the actual dates of availability as well as the full list of changes so keep following our blog!