API v12 is now available on Sandbox!

We are excited to announce that Bing Ads API Version 12 is now available for preview in Sandbox!

As with any version upgrade you’ll want to read up on new features and potential breaking changes. For details please see Migrate to Version 12.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s in the box:

  • Multi-user access which allows you to access the accounts associated with multiple consolidated users (All APIs)
  • Microsoft Account Authentication via OAuth as the sole authentication mechanism (All APIs)
  • Consistent use of ISO currency codes and time zone values across all services (All APIs)
  • Introduction of Bulk File Format version 6.0 and sunset of format v5.0 (Bulk API)
  • More accurate keyword and position estimates by refining the requested locations e.g., city or metro area (Ad Insight API)
  • Promotion of ForwardCompatibilityMap and additional field elements to first-class properties on data objects (Campaign Management, Customer Management API)
  • New report aggregation options (Hourly, DayOfWeek and HourOfDay) added to multiple reports (Reporting API)
  • Consistency between the WSDL contract and downloaded report columns (Reporting API)
  • Ability to specify a time zone in all report requests (Reporting API)

Note: Features in sandbox are still in development and may change prior to general availability in the production environment. Bing Ads API Version 12 release to production is planned for the first week of April 2018, so stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks. The SDKs will also be updated in April with support for version 12.

Please also note that Bing Ads managed UserName and Password authentication will sunset with version 11 later this year, and as mentioned above only Microsoft Account Authentication via OAuth will be supported. To enable consistent authentication across sandbox and production, we are excited to announce the availability of OAuth in sandbox! You can provision sandbox MSA credentials via your existing sandbox customer. For details see Get Sandbox Access.

Feel free to start playing with the new services and let us know your feedback at bingads-feedback@microsoft.com.