Bing Ads SDK March 2016 Refresh

We are excited to announce the March 2016 release of our .NET, Java, and Python SDKs. You can start using these new features right away.

  • Added proxy support for Bulk, Campaign Management, Customer Management, and Reporting service updates from February through March. This includes some interfaces such that are currently reserved for future use.
  • Added retry and timeout processing in BulkServiceManager and ReportingServiceManager. The retry feature is an internal implementation. For information on getting started with using the new timeout feature, see Using BulkServiceManager (C# | Java | Python) and Using ReportingServiceManager (C# | Java | Python).
  • Added more exception handling for both download and upload methods in BulkServiceManager and ReportingServiceManager.
  • Added support for using the SDK with either the Sandbox or Production environment by specifying the Bing Ads environment parameter in BulkServiceManager/ReportingServiceManager and BulkOperation/ReportingDownloadOperation. Previously you could only set the environment globally or through the ServiceClient, so this option provides additional flexibility. For more information, see Configuring Sandbox (C# | Java | Python).

For a full list of March updates, please see the release notes on GitHub (.NET | Java | Python).

Going forward you can expect the SDKs to be refreshed during the last week of each month. Each refresh will at minimum include the service proxy updates from the previous month, as well as any bug fixes or merged feature requests (Thanks to the valuable input from our Bing Ads developer community!).

For more information on getting started with the SDKs, reference, and samples, please see Bing Ads Client Libraries on MSDN.