Bing Ads V9 API Preview: Changes to Support Imported Enhanced Campaigns, Bulk Uploads and More

The next version of the Bing Ads API (version 9) will be generally available in September of 2013. This API will bring with it new functionality and improvements to existing features across Bing Ads web services including

  • Bulk upload and download methods for campaign management which utilize comma separated values (CSV) and tab separated values (TSV) as the data interchange formats. These data formats will be identical the format that will be used for importing and exporting of campaigns by future versions of the Bing Ads Editor.
  • Support for new features related to importing of enhanced campaigns such as mobile device preference on ads, bid adjustments on device targets and site link extensions on ad groups. This includes a change in the v8 API to handle increased ranges in bid adjustments when an advertiser is also managing their campaigns with an app that is on the v9 API.
  • Streamlining of campaign management methods to reduce number of calls needed to manage keywords, ad groups, targets and campaigns.
  • Removal of methods related to management of campaign analytics and the campaign management REST API due to low usage.
  • Introduction of new methods in the Ad Intelligence service which consolidate the behavior of multiple existing methods to simplify usage.

Over the next few months, we will work to ensure that our API customers get to utilize and provide feedback on the v9 API. The release timeline is as follows

June 2013: v9 API announced and preliminary documentation released. In addition,  WSDLs for v9 campaign management and bulk service have been published in the sandbox but functionality will be incomplete. IncrementalBidPercentage enumeration in v8 API updated with ValueNotSupportedInV8 value in preparation for v9 API launch.

July 2013: Preliminary documentation updated and all v9 Bing Ads API services available in sandbox.

September 2013: General availability of Bing Ads v9 API.

We encourage developers to start reading the migration guide from the v8 to v9 API and to use the developer forums as a resource to get any questions about the published documents answered.

Dare Obasanjo

Program Manager, Bing Ads Platform