Bing Content API for Product Ads is now LIVE

We are super excited to announce the general availability of Bing Content API for advertisers to manage and update their product offer feeds in Bing Merchant Center programmatically. Traditionally, advertisers have been able to manage their Product Ads data feeds via the FTP upload option. This has a limitation where advertisers cannot incrementally update individual product offers but upload the entire data feed.

Bing Content API addresses the pain point mentioned above and provides more power to the advertiser to reflect the most recent and up-to-date information in their product ads. Advertisers can now choose to integrate their ERP workflows with the Content API to provide faster price and availability updates so that customers can view the most up-to-date information in the product ads before they click through to your site. 

How do I enable Content API?

To manage your product data feeds programmatically and at scale, you need to set up a store in Bing Merchant Center and create catalogs to submit your product offer feeds. As part of the catalog creation process, you can select the checkbox option for API management to enable Content API access for your catalog. Once your catalog is successfully activated for Content API access, you can now submit offers via API programmatically. You can authenticate with the API either using your managed Bing Ads credentials (username, password) or using your Microsoft Account credentials. Additionally, you can sign up for a sandbox account to test your product feeds with Content API before you submit your feeds using the production endpoint.

To learn more about Content API, please refer to the MSDN documentation. Try out the Content API to manage your product feed today and let us know your feedback!


Niranj Srinivasan
Senior Program Manager, Bing Product Ads