Changes in Reporting API coming January 1st, 2016

As previously announced in our blogs and press release (Bing Ads Blog on AOL partnership, Bing Blog on AOL partnership, MS Press Release), we are proud to become the provider of Search and Search Advertising Services across AOL properties. In preparation for this partnership, Bing Ads will be making some changes in our Reporting API starting January 1st, 2016, which in turn may require code changes on your side.

What is changing?

The ‘Network’ and ‘TopVsOther’ columns will get new or updated values in all reports starting January 1st, 2016. As a best practice you should not depend on any specific value returned in the report columns. If your application does depend on a specific set of values in the 'Network' or 'TopVsOther' columns, you should be prepared to accept new or updated values from January 1st onwards to ensure your code does not break.

 Stay tuned for more details

The design is being solidified and we will share more details on the changes here on the MSDN Blog as they become available. Comments? Questions? Please leave them below, visit our Feature Suggestion Forum, or reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook.


Prince Bajracharya

Program Manager | Bing Ads