Check Out Our New Unified Developer Center

Our Developer Center has been updated for Bing Ads v9+! Check out our Service Health Center, where you can see the current and historical availability for our v9+ Campaign Management, Bulk, Ad Intelligence, and Optimizer services. We use our Big Data solutions to analyze all user requests in near real-time, meaning you’ll know if a single request fails whether it came from New York or New Delhi. We also provide the 95th percentile request processing time for our synchronous services.

New to the Yahoo-Bing Network? Once you sign up here, you can get a Developer Token in 60 seconds by visiting our Account page, check out our one-page Getting Started guides, and start coding immediately in our Sandbox. Visit our Partner Showcase to read a profile of ESV Digital and learn how Bing Ads’ Reporting Service lets a small tech team personally fine-tune bidding strategies for hundreds of customers. If your business is going hyper-local, keep an eye out for our upcoming profile of MatchCraft, a search marketing firm operating in 15 countries that uses our Call and Location Ad Extensions to reify their slogan, “Global presence. Local expertise.” We also have a campaign targeting guide that explains how to refine your audience based on location (down to the zip code level), gender, age, the device they're using, or the time of day they're online.

Coming soon! Getting Started guides for our most in-demand new features and a C# SDK that will let our partners access the power and speed of Bulk in under 60 minutes.