Coming Soon: Bing Ads API is Migrating from Metro to DMA® Targeting

As you may have already seen on the Bing Ads Blog, in an effort to offer a more consistent experience for advertisers, Bing Ads is planning to migrate from metros to DMA®s in late September through October.  During this period, all advertisers currently targeting metros will be automatically migrated to DMA®s. 

 Action Recommended for API Customers Currently Targeting Metros

We understand that API customers will need time to code to the new DMA® strings.  Therefore, we recommend the following action –

  1. Code to new DMA® and city location strings before April 2013 – First, visit this MSDN link where you can download an XML document that contains the DMA® geographical location targeting codes. Note that both city and metro strings need to be updated.  We recommend that API customers code to these strings as soon as DMA migration finishes in the end of October.
  2. Closely monitor your traffic during the transition period

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the metro to DMA® migration timeline?



September 2012

New DMA® API strings published

September to October 2012

All Bing Ads metros migrated to DMA®s with new traffic

April 2013

Bing Ads no longer supports old metro and city API strings

Is there a breaking change to APIs in September if an advertiser doesn’t code to the new DMA® and city strings?
No.  However, even if you’re still reading / writing metros via API, traffic will be updated to DMA®.  Cities will see no change in traffic

 When will Bing Ads no longer support the old metro and city strings?
We plan to end support for the old metro and city API strings in April 2013

Is there an impact for city targeting?
Yes.  API users will need to update their city location strings before April 2013.  There is no traffic change for cities

How will my geo targeting report change?
The report will switch to DMA®s in September

 If I’m using Bing Ads Desktop, Do I need to upgrade to a new version to use DMA®s?
All metros will be switched to DMA®s automatically for Desktop users in September and October

As always, if you have any questions or comment, feel free to leave them in the comments below or post a thread in the API forum.