Community Megaphone ? Ideas for events engagement for adCenter API developers

The community team has been discussing the question of how we list and cover events for advertisers, publishers, and developers using the ad platforms. There are some good examples of community-created calendars of events ? for lack of a better verb ?calendaring.?

Scott Hanselman, a program manager on MSDN, recently shared a link to Community Megaphone, which was built by Microsoft Evangelist G. Andrew Duthie to facilitate the sharing of events related to software development. We haven?t added any events where we may be speaking or available to discuss ad platform development yet. I would like to know ? if you?re an API developer, what event listings do you subscribe to? What kind of event listings would be useful to you? Do you prefer a feed dedicated to events where Microsoft will be talking about the adCenter API? Would you prefer a more general listing of events for developers?