Deadline to Update is August 14th -- Start using newest Version 5.1 of adCenter API -- Sign on for Live Meeting August 19th

Hi everyone, I wanted to post a friendly reminder that the deadline is nearly upon us for the transition to Version 5.1 of the adCenter API. Version 4 will go off service after August 14th. Please use the community and our support resources, and our support resources for any questions you have in making the transition.

We will continue the monthly series of Live Meeting webcasts, with our next session at 1 PM Pacific time on Tuesday, Aug. 19th. Program Manager Shamit Patel will be available to answer any questions about the transition, as will Jeff Dillon, a technical support engineer for adCenter API.

We have held these monthly Live Meeting sessions since the beginning of the year. We greatly appreciate the feedback you have provided on issues related to the API.

We will continue to hold these sessions monthly so long as customers are interested. The sessions are held on the third Tuesday of every month at 1 PM PST. Sessions are also recorded and posted a couple days after the meeting to the adCenter API blog for viewing on demand.

If you have not used Live Meeting before, we recommend visiting API Version 5 Live Meeting a few minutes before the session begins to complete any required installation steps. Attendee URL:

To learn more about Version 5.1 features, see the Microsoft adCenter API Version 5.1 Release Notes, What's New in the SDK for Microsoft adCenter API. If you have questions, please post to the forums: adCenter API Forum


Thank you for using the community.

- Chris