Heads Up: Changes to Business Locations and Location Extensions in Bing Ads API

Business Locations and Location Extension –v1 APIs Will Sunset in April 2013

Business locations and location extension – v1 APIs will sunset in April 2013. Please plan to migrate your applications to location extension – v2 APIs which will be available in production through a pilot program starting February.

As location extension-v2 will provide all the functionality of location extension-v1, business location and more, the applications which are coded for features like business locations, business location targeting and location extension-v1 need to be updated to use location extension-v2 APIs.

Phase-1: Location Extension-v2 APIs in v8 Sandbox (Nov 2012)

Location extension-v2 APIs are now available on v8 Sandbox. Bing Ads API developers can get the code changes tested in sandbox.

To get started with v8 Sandbox, click on this link.

Note: All the current v8 sandbox customers should already have access to new APIs. Otherwise please contact support or your account manager.

Phase-2: Location Extension-v2 Pilot Program Begins (Feb 2013)

We will start onboarding customers on to location extension-v2 pilot. Evangelists/Account Managers will reach out to you for more details.

Business locations and location extension-v1 APIs will be deprecated for customers who are part of pilot program.

For more details on APIs that will be impacted and the location extension - v2 pilot program, please click on this link.

Phase-3: General Availability of Location Extension-v2 and Sunset of Business Locations and Location Extension-v1 APIs (April 2013)

Location ad extension feature will be available to all customers and we will also sunset business location and location extension-v1 APIs.

Happy Coding!

Bing Ads API Team