Heads Up: Get Ready for New API Features in adCenter

Both the August and September releases of adCenter will include updates that all API users should be aware of and prepare for.

Bulk Service Operations

Having just been released out of pilot to all adCenter API users, Bulk Service Operations lets you download your adCenter campaign data in the background; if you keep a local cache of your campaign data, you should use this service instead of calling the Campaign management service’s entity operations.

Based on feedback from our pilot participants, we have released the new Bulk Download endpoint (for v8 only) as part of the August Release. If you’re using previous versions of the bulk service operations, or if you want to use the new bulk download capabilities for the first time, you need to reference and code to this new endpoint as documented on MSDN.

For specific instructions and best practices, please refer to the Bulk Service article on MSDN.
Coming in September :

1.       API Throttling

For campaign API endpoints, API Throttling limits the number of calls to the API that any one user can make in a minute’s time.  At the customer level, the number of calls a customer can make to the customer data is restricted using a sliding protocol with a 60 second window.  The purpose of this practice is to protect the server load and promote fair usage of the system. 

We believe in maintaining an open platform and building out the adCenter ecosystem for our customers.  In order for adCenter to maintain openness and to continue facilitating growth, adCenter will begin to throttle extremely high-volume usage to maintain fair usage for all users.

Should you hit the API Throttle, you will see the following error:

Numeric code: 117

String error code: “CallRateExceeded”

Message: “You have exceeded the number of calls that you are allowed to make in a minute. Please reduce the number of calls that you make per minute.” 

To resolve this error, you will need to reattempt by pausing for 60 seconds before resubmitting the request under the new limit.

2.       Deprecation of Admin API version 7

As we no longer support quota management, Admin APIs will not be part of AdCenter APIs. If you’re using API version 7 (or any other older than v8), old code references will be deprecated at the end of August.  You will need to remove existing Administration Service APIs, as well as the previously-piloted version of the Bulk Service Operations.

3.       Metro Targeting Updates

In September, adCenter will be releasing new APIs that transition our targeting from metro areas to Nielsen DMA zones.  Most advertisers will likely see an increase in traffic after this switch, however, in some instances, your traffic may decrease.

Once you’ve updated to the new APIs, be sure to review your campaign performance to make sure you’re still using optimal targeting options.  Although the new DMA APIs will be released in September, the old APIs will continue to function through early 2013, so you have time to transition.

Stay tuned here to the API blog to keep updated on the latest news and info.  If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the API forum.