How can we use this for API info? "MSDN adds social bookmarking and tagging"

Microsoft has added social bookmarking to MSDN, the flagship Web site for developers using Microsoft technology. You can now share any bookmarks of helpful posts or articles that you've found on adCenter API with other users on MSDN. For example, if you've found a particularly helpful code sample or topic in the documentation for adCenter API, you can highlight it by sharing a bookmark. If you've found a helpful article on another site, likewise, you can share it on MSDN. You can also create an individual tag, such as your name, and bookmark all articles that you return to frequently, so they are easier to find on future visits.

You can learn more about the MSDN social bookmarking launch on Chris Slemp's blog.

- On the adCenter API Blog in August, we added the ability for you to contribute tags on each blog post or forum post. We also added an editorially programmed list of categories to help you navigate the tags. The tags are turning out to be quite helpful for customers using search engines to find the help they need for adCenter products and services.

If you've got some thoughts on how we can improve either of these features for adCenter users, let us know in the comments here, or on the forums.