Location Extensions v2 is Almost Here: Business Locations and Location Extensions v1 will be Sunset in September

In March we posted an updated timeline for the sunset date of business location and location extensions v1 which will be replaced by location extensions v2 feature. We are pleased to announce that the general availability of location extensions v2 will be during the week of September 16th -20th for advertisers in the United States and during the week of September 23rd – 27th for all other markets

Once location extensions v2 is generally available, both the business locations and location extensions features will cease to work. Applications that have not yet updated to location extension v2 should treat making the transition as urgent to prevent disruption campaign management activities.


  1. Migration Guide from Business Locations, Business Location Targeting and Location Extensions v1
  2. Bing Ads API sandbox


Dare Obasanjo

Program Manager, Bing Ads