Microsoft Advertising adCenter API Version 6 to Sunset this Spring - Upgrade to Version 7 Now

Microsoft Advertising adCenter API Version 7 was released to the Production and Sandbox environments earlier this year. With adCenter API Version 7, you can take advantage of updates in campaign management, editorial features, and reporting.

That said, please be aware that API Version 6 will sunset this Spring.

To give yourself time to be code complete, you should begin upgrading to the Version 7 WSDLs to avoid service interruptions beginning this spring.
To learn more, use the following resources:

  • Microsoft Advertising adCenter Fall 2010 upgrade release notes on MSDN give you details about the new Campaign Analytics feature, as well as enhanced search network distribution and website exclusion for U.S. and Canada accounts.
  • Blog posts in the adCenter API Community provide updates about Microsoft Advertising adCenter and the adCenter API. To stay informed, you can also subscribe to the RSS feed .
  • The adCenter API developer portal offers recordings of past webcasts and notice of upcoming ones.

If you have any quesitons, please post them in the API Forum.