Monthly Budget Sunset in April

As a follow up to our announcement in January, starting April 1st, your campaigns must only use daily budget. All Bing Ads entry points (Bing Ads API, Web application, Editor, and Mobile apps) will stop supporting monthly budgets for all markets starting April 1st. The migration will be rolled out by customer throughout April, and once your customer is migrated then you will not be permitted to add or update monthly budgets.

During April there will be a forced migration where all campaign level unshared monthly budgets will be converted to a daily budget as follows:

Daily budget amount = Monthly budget amount / 30.4


  1. If the result of the division in the formula above results in a value which is below the minimum allowed campaign budget, it will be automatically set to the minimum value.
  2. Delivery type will be set to “DailyBudgetAccelerated” for daily budgets.

The following changes apply to the API:

  • API v10 attempts to add or update monthly budgets will result in an error and all existing budgets will be returned as daily.
  • API v11 will never support monthly budgets.

We strongly recommend moving your campaign monthly budgets to daily budgets before April when the migration to daily budget takes place.

Note: You can download the change history report to find out when the budget type changed from monthly to daily.