Negative Keyword Refinements in the Microsoft Advertising adCenter API

Last month we reached out to Microsoft Advertising adCenter users to inform that we are deprecating keyword level negative keywords. Starting today, the campaign and ad group level negative keywords will continue to impact delivery in adCenter and any existing keyword level negative keywords will be ignored.

What do these changes mean for adCenter Web users?

In the adCenter Web UI, keyword level negatives will be visible and available for export and historical reporting; adCenter will not recognize keyword level negatives. As a result, any remaining keyword level negatives will no longer restrict ad delivery. It is strongly suggested that advertisers migrate keyword level negatives to the ad group or campaign level.

How will the API be affected?

There will be no breaking API changes, and all add, get, update, delete operations will appear to succeed. We want to emphasize that delivery will not be impacted by keyword level negative keywords, even though the corresponding adCenter API service operations will appear to go through without error.

For example, an API call to the AddKeywords service operation will allow you to add new keyword level NegativeKeywords, and likewise UpdateKeywords will modify existing negative keywords. Again though, any changes will not be utilized for delivery.

Retirement of keyword level negative keywords

You’ll now only need to set negative keywords at the campaign or ad group level, simplifying account management.

Exact Match negative keywords

You can now set Exact Match negative keywords for even greater precision in filtering unwanted search traffic, which means greater campaign performance potential.

Easy identification and resolution of keyword conflicts

The new Negative Keyword Conflicts report and alerts in the adCenter web platform show you when you have negative keywords in conflict with bidded keywords. Resolving keyword conflicts may help improve campaign performance.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or comments; we always have an open ear for feedback.