New error codes for Expanded Text Ads

This summer, we'll be adding support for Countdown functions in Expanded Text Ads. These functions will allow you to set a timer on your ads counting down towards a specific date and this can be shown in any part of the ad other than Final URL.

A good example is an ad for a sale which ends by a certain date, so your ad could dynamically show how much more time is left for customers to take advantage of the sale. This is eye-catching and gives potential customers greater incentive to click the ad. For more information on Countdown functions, visit our help page.

In order to support Countdown functions, we are adding new error codes which will be returned in specific situations when creating or editing a function:


Error Code



The syntax of your function contains invalid formatting, likely caused by a missing }.


One or more functions are invalid or not supported.


You need to have at least one character between any two functions.


Your countdown function contains an invalid date and/or time.


Your countdown function contains an invalid language code.


Your countdown function contains an invalid days-before value.


The days-before value in your countdown function is out of range.


A countdown function must have at least one parameter and no more than three.


Your countdown function contains a date and/or time in the past.


Please make sure you have logic in place to process these error codes by 7/31 so your application can handle them appropriately should the situation arise.