New Feature: Enhancements to Ad Intelligence v8 API

In this month’s release, Ad intelligence v8 API enhancements will be incorporated within adCenter. This will impact API customers immediately; we want you to know about this now so you can plan accordingly.

The Ad intelligence v8 API enhancements will allow advertisers to build Keyword list based on new and improved Keyword suggestions and enhance Keyword research and expansion capabilities.

The Ad intelligence v8 API performs the same function at the API layer as the MAI Tool

What You Need to Know

Key Points:

Advertisers need KW suggestion capability to optimize and expand their KW list with relevant KWs to improve performance of their marketing campaigns and attain their marketing goals.

Ad Center is providing new keyword research service operations that will help enhance programmatic KW research and expansion capabilities, by providing more pivots using keyword category, demographics and location. The feature will enhance relevance and coverage of KW suggestions for advertisers.

For Keyword Suggestions the Ad Intelligence v8 API supports different kinds of Suggestion Types (e.g. based on Related Search terms from Bing, Keywords Associated with the inputs in Campaign etc.)

The enhancements to existing functionality include custom date range for capturing seasonal trends in search volumes and weekly grain in Monetization.

Ad intelligence v8 API includes support for Mobile in some the operations like GetHistoricalKeywordPerformanceByDevice, GetHistoricalSearchCountByDevice , GetKeywordDemographics and GetKeywordLocations

With the Ad Intelligence v8 API enhancement five new service operations have been introduced and one service operation has been updated .Refer to the MSDN documentation for complete programming information

KSP 5.5 and 6.0 API Deprecation

  • Please note that KSP 5.5 and 6.0 are being deprecated and API users need to move to AdIntelligence v8.
  • As an adCenter API user, to continue to take advantage of Ad Intelligence make sure you code to API V8 as applications coded to earlier KSP API versions will not function after May 30th
  • How to Move to V8