New Look for adCenter API Forum on MSDN

You may have noticed that the adCenter API forums are now using a new forum technology developed by the Microsoft team that publishes MSDN and TechNet.

One of the new features is a better, more obvious way to format code within the post editor. This may help eliminate some of the issues we've had with Smilies appearing in code blocks in forum posts.

Use the icon to add code to your post when writing in the new forum.

The new forums also offers richer profiles in which developers can add information about themselves, share bookmarks they enjoy and  highlight any MSDN library content they have added. The MSDN profiles are separate from the adCenter Community profiles. This is intended. We know many of you wear multiple hats. The MSDN profile, is where you may choose to list your developer credentials, while the adCenter Community profile is where you might list your credentials in the advertising business.

We are interested in your feedback on this approach. Is it more convenient and valuable for you to use the MSDN forums for API development discussions? Or would you prefer to have all adCenter discussions in one location? Of course, we provide cross links to make it easy to go back and forth so the difference should be subtle. Still, it is a difference. If you have an opinion on it, let us know.

To provide general feedback on the new technology, post a comment in the suggestions forum.

If you have feedback on the adCenter API forum , or any questions about the adCenter API community, post a comment here or in the new API forum.

Thank you for using the community.