PDC Announcements of Interest for Developers Working on adCenter API

Info about the Microsoft PDC this fall. adCenter API Developers might be interested.


PDC is about the future and is the event to attend. Just read what Jon Box says, "In my opinion, if I was going to choose one technical event to attend in any year, my first choice will always be the PDC. That's where I became aware of DCOM and ASP, before they came out. That was the year when I first saw Don Box. [more...] Others agree. Follow Andrew Connell as he blogs his way to the PDC. Technical Fellow Brian Harry has announced that the VSTS product team will be talking about what is coming in the Team System release code named "Rosario" and evangelists have flooded the net with posts about Rosario and Brian Randell's pre-con. William H. Salazar posted similar news and joined Brian Keller as they pointed out Brian Randell's . [more...] The news is out. PDC2008 is happening. The buzz can be found on blogs by Jason Olson and Doug Holland. Jason Olson's announcement about Open Space drew the attention of Open Space originator Harrison Owen and Jack Martin Leith commented, "For those who want evidence that Open Space has moved from the fringes to the mainstream, this must surely be it.". [more...] And, two more shameless self-promotion plugs for the Show Off contest came from Brian Keller and Dan Fernandez. Rumor has it they have some great posters and blog bling coming out soon.