Questions about adCenter API charges

We’ve had a variety of questions about access to adCenter API tokens in the forums and blog comments and in online communities that we monitor. Because our API program is currently still in a “pilot” phase, we have not made API tokens available to all users.

Each request is reviewed for certain criteria. Users who have a track record of monthly expenditures with adCenter are provided access to the pilot. Other criteria are also considered.

We receive several requests from new businesses or developers who build tools or services using the adCenter API and have goals to deliver more spend. Currently, however, support for the adCenter API in the pilot phase cannot serve all these potential customers.

We are planning to extend the adCenter API access, along with access to more Microsoft Advertising services with APIs, to a more open community of developers. these plans are currently in development and we’ll keep you updated on the blog as we have news to announce.

We occasionally get questions about whether users can purchase API tokens, or whether users can buy tokens from customers who already have them. We do not charge for the tokens, and the terms of use today currently prohibit reselling.

To summarize:

Today: Access to API is limited to highest-spending customers during a pilot phase; tokens are not available for purchase or through other channels.

Future: Access to Microsoft Advertising APIs will be opened to broad developer community, for users who meet a minimum criteria. Support will be primarily via online community.

Please let us know here or in the forum if you have questions.