ReportAggregation.Summary Value Update: TimePeriod Column Removed

An update to the adCenter API was recently released to allow the ReportAggregation.Summary value to pull the aggregate reports without the TimePeriod column required.

We removed this extra column in the ReportAggregation.Summary value to help streamline your report request and simplify the data we need to create your report.

To use this updated value, you will need to remove the TimePeriod column from the ReportAggregation.Summary value. If you submit the ReportAggregation.Summary value with the TimePeriod column still in place, you may receive a 2034 error message: ?The specified report request contains a TimePeriod column which is incompatible with the requested Summary report aggregation. Please submit a report request with valid report columns for a summary report.?

It is important to note that the TimePeriod is still required for all other reports. This only applies to the ReportAggregation.Summary value.

Please let us know if you have questions.