Tips for Using the adCenter API Documentation on MSDN

In 2009, there were well over 200,000 page views in the adCenter API Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) documentation. We thought you might appreciate a few tips about the adCenter API documentation.

  • All of the advertising API documentation is located in the MSDN library under Microsoft Advertising Services. Currently, documentation is available for the Atlas APIs as well as the adCenter APIs.
  • All of the current adCenter API Web service production and sandbox URLs can be found at Microsoft adCenter Web Service Addresses.
  • Each of the individual adCenter Web services is documented in its own section. In each of these sections, there is a “Release Notes” topic that contains high-level information about the changes to the Web service in the latest release. The What's New in the SDK for the Microsoft adCenter API topic contains the changes to the documentation in the latest release.
  • In each Web service section, there is a “Developing with” topic that contains detailed information about how to create an application that uses that Web service. This is where you will find code examples for that Web service. For example, the Microsoft adCenter Campaign Management API Examples topic contains code examples for common scenarios using the adCenter campaign management Web service.
  • Because Web services can be used by any programming language that can support SOAP, there are a vast number of languages in use with the adCenter API. We strive to provide code examples in the most common languages. We have code examples in all of the following languages. In addition to these, we are working on code examples in Ruby. If you know of other languages that we should have code examples in, please let us know by sending email to adCenter SDK Content Feedback.
    • C#
    • Java
    • Perl
    • PHP
    • Python
    • Visual Basic