Upcoming password reset required for adCenter API Sandbox+

In the coming weeks we are upgrading the Microsoft adCenter API Version 6 Sandbox+ environment. If you use the API, you need to know about the upgrade in advance because you must reset your adCenter password for the Sandbox+ environment.

Your Production environment credentials do not need to be changed.

To reset your Sandbox+ Password:

On or before January 19, you’ll receive the password reset e-mail with instructions. To continue to access your Sandbox+ account, follow the instructions in the e-mail. Once you reset your password, you’ll use your existing user name and developer tokens with the new password you set up to continue accessing the Sandbox+ APIs.

Confirm your adCenter E-mail Address is Accurate

Your password reset instructions will be sent as an automatically-delivered e-mail message to the e-mail address associated with your adCenter user profile. To help make sure you receive the password reset notification we recommend that you sign in to your Microsoft adCenter Sandbox+ account and verify your e-mail address. View the Help topic, Change contact information, for more information.

Thank you for using adCenter.

The Microsoft adCenter Team


Common Questions

Q. How do I update my adCenter contact information to ensure I receive the password reset e-mail?

A. Sign into Microsoft adCenter Sandbox+. In the upper right corner, visit the Account Settings tab and ensure your e-mail address on file is current. Visit adCenter Help for complete instructions.

Q: Will I have to change my adCenter API Production environment password, too?

A: No, the password reset is required only for the Sandbox+ environment user credentials.

Q: What happens if I don’t change my password?

A: Unfortunately, your password must be reset for you to continue accessing Sandbox+.

Q: Why is this required?

A: With this upgrade, you’ll experience improved reliability and support through the Sandbox+ environment, and you’ll have access to the additional reporting enhancements released previously to the Production environment as part of the the adCenter Fall 2009 Upgrade.