US County Targeting support in Bing Ads API

We are excited to share the news that we are working on extending support for one of the most-asked features for location targeting – county targeting in the US. Starting this week, we’ll be making available an open beta program for you to start testing this new feature. The beta will also be available on the Bing Ads Web application as well as Bing Ads Editor v11.14. If you are interested in this beta, feel free to reach out to your Bing Ads account manager or contact us at


The following is the list of changes in the API for supporting county targeting:


Campaign Management and Bulk APIs v11

No changes to existing interfaces. You may use the following existing data objects/records in the API to create or access county targets and exclusions:

We are introducing a new version (v2.0) of the GeoLocations.csv file along with the county targeting feature. This version will contain all the US counties in addition to the existing location records currently available.

An error CampaignServiceCustomerNotEnabledForCountyTargets will be thrown if you try to create a county target outside of the beta using either Campaign Management or Bulk API v11.

Note: County targeting will not be available in Campaign Management and Bulk API v10.


Reporting API v11

As part of this feature, we will be adding support for two new columns in the Reporting API v11. The columns will be added to the UserLocationPerformanceReport and GeographicPerformanceReport reports.

The new columns that will be added are:

These columns will show, respectively, the postal code, county, and Location ID where the ad delivered, if that information is available for the search user. Note that these columns will also be available in the Bing Ads web application if you are in the beta.

Additionally, the MostSpecificLocation column in the GeographicPerformanceReportColumn will now show either zip code or county, if either happens to be the most-specific location that can be detected for the user to whom the ad was delivered. As before, if other geographical locations such as country, state, DMA or city happened to be the most-specific location, they would show up in this column.

Note: The new columns will only be available in Reporting API V11, and not in v9.