View the Latest adCenter API Webcast Recording on Demand: July 2010

Last week, Johann Garcia, adCenter API Product Planner, hosted a live webcast to review the latest API release.

Watch the recording here: (Also check out the API V7 Sneak Peek webcast recording from April.)

Here’s a recap of what Johann covered.

API version 7.0 was released in late June, and API version 6.0 will be supported through spring 2011 to ensure a smooth transition for the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance. One important reminder from Johann: please make sure your contact information is up-to-date to ensure you receive all essential adCenter API notifications. Contact your account rep or email the API Support team to update your info.

Campaign Management API’s (API version 7.0)

    · Normalization: pass in keywords and phrases and get back the normalized form

    · Mobile opt-out: choose to target mobile devices that can render text ads or optout

    · View editorial rejection reasons for ads and keywords

    · All 70 campaign management API’s have been translated from SOAP to REST, with other API’s to follow. Contact the API team if you’re interested in participating in this beta.

Customer Management API’s (API version 7.0)

    · Introducing CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) for customer, user, and accounts. Also added the ability to create IO’s. Access to the apis will depend on the authorization privileges

Reporting API’s (API version 6.0)

    · Bidded Match Type in KeywordPerformance Report – this was one of the most-requested features from customers, so it was included in API version 6.0. This is an optional column and hence not a breaking change.

    · API version 7.0 Reporting updates will be included in a future release – stay tuned

Notification Services

    · API version 6.0: will continue as-is

    · API version 7.0: will be retired

Thanks to those who attended and thanks to Johann for hosting the webcast.

Mark your calendars for our next adCenter API Webcast on August 12. Details:

adCenter API : Top 10 Best Practices. Learn how to take full advantage of the latest API release and help your organization streamline adCenter advertising efforts with no extra cost. 

Date: August 12

Time: 12:00 – 12:30 (PST)

Attendee URL:

Conference Call:   Toll free: +1 (888) 320-3585

Participant Code: 277546639

Bring your API questions. See you then!

In the meantime, if you have questions please visit the API Forum.