10 B2B Services Worth Checking out in 2017

Guest post by Amir Noghani, General Manager, Green Web Marketing

B2B, or Business-To-Business, is a new name for an old industry. Selling your services or products to another business, as opposed to the end consumer, can generate several advantages to a business, but it also comes with its share of disadvantages.

In general, B2B transactions are higher volume and more lucrative than a B2C (Business-To-Customer) transaction because B2B suppliers are supplying an entire supply chain rather than just one purchase. For example, if a company buys a part from you to go into their product, they need to buy enough to supply their current demand. The vagaries of customer purchases are left to your customer and are a secondary concern for your business.

On the other hand, of course, unless you are selling a unique item, you are competing with everyone who markets a similar product or service. Large corporations can negotiate deals with smaller companies that are not in the best interest of the supplier because they have little choice and must take what the market will bear.

For B2B service companies, it can be even worse. Without a physical product, you are marketing your skills and talents to industries that are seeking a wider, global market. This wider market allows companies that do not have the same level of skills you possess to market them as if they were. With the whole world as your talent pool, it is much more difficult to assess the skill level and talents of the service you are getting prior to paying for it.

The good news about B2B companies, though, is that more and more companies are getting into the field. Some good, some not so good, but all of them looking to dominate a niche that they have carved for themselves. Some of those rising companies include:

1. Omnicom

Although Omnicom doesn’t manufacture products, it is an industry leader in digital marketing. In 2015, Omnicom had over $15 billion (US) in revenue and the last year has seen a steady increase in nearly all their revenue streams.

Omnicom is involved in nearly all aspects of customer relationship management – including digital and interactive marketing, ad tech and, most recently, programming – and is leveraging their influence to change the way marketing is done.

2. SkyGiraffe

With the ubiquity of mobile computing devices, nearly every company with a web presence wants their own app to make it easier for their customers to purchase from or interact with their company. SkyGiraffe, a relatively young company from Israel, is cornering the market on producing high-quality apps for a wide range of corporate users. By alleviating the costs of hiring software developers, SkyGiraffe makes creating apps affordable for even small companies.

3. Atlassian

An Australian software company that makes as much news for their no-holds barred business philosophy as they do for the excellent software they create. Their first huge success was with HipChat, a web service for online chat and instant messaging that is ideal for most mid-size and larger companies.

4. SEO Reseller Hub

Another Australian company, Reseller Hub is leading the market in marketing link building services to other companies to improve their SEO presence. The primary focus of Reseller Hub is aimed at other SEO agencies to improve their business with content submissions, writing and blogger outreach.

5. Krux Digital

This startup takes a different approach to helping businesses by marketing software tools to identify the content that their customer’s customers find relevant. By tracking and consolidating information about customers, Krux Digital is at the forefront of ensuring customers get the content they want.

6. Palantir Technologies

For those in the know, Palantir Technologies is the cyber security data analytics company. The company has been involved in projects that are front-page news across the world – such as the hunt for Osama Bin Laden and the Bernie Madoff conviction – but have managed to maintain a low profile. With the rise of cyber-crime their services are in more demand now than they have ever been.

7. Rain

This company has created a marketing niche for themselves by creating software that allows small businesses to target local customers based on their location. Since most mobile computers have GPS these days, Rain allows small businesses to narrow their advertising focus to the potential customers most likely to need their business.

8. Mesosphere

Based in San Francisco, California, Mesosphere links all computers used by a company into an overarching data compiler. Basically, they link the computers together and make them all work like one big machine. For smaller companies, this allows them to work better and more efficiently and keeps everyone focused on the big picture.

9. Notey

This Hong Kong based company has designed online software that assists its users in finding unique content anywhere on the internet. Notey is an outstanding resource for research into many topics that get little highlighting through normal search engines and is focused on small blogs and independent sources. Don’t discount the value of Notey, however, it can be an incredibly handy resource for many tasks.

10. Confluent

Last but certainly not least, Confluent is a data analytics company formed by former employees of the social media giant LinkedIn. They are an infrastructure company that provides a streaming platform based on Apache Kafka so companies can act on real-time data to create new products and respond o customers in real time. 

All ten of these companies have proven their abilities and worth over the last few years in their respective fields, all of them can offer your company a service or product that will make it easier to connect with your customers and all of them are B2B businesses that fill a specific niche in the market.

Whether you are looking to boost your SEO rankings on Google or create and target specific customers for your products, this list has something that can help your company do so.



Amir Noghani is the general manager at Agseosydney. He has a master's degree in engineering and has been working in the field of marketing and communications for more than seven years.