9 Great Marketing Ideas For Startups

Guest post from Damian Wolf, Brisbane area associate of Cubic Promote .

Most entrepreneurs are convinced that all they need for a successful running of their startup is some blogging about special offers, a Twitter account and a flashy looking brochure. First, why would anyone care for your brand and give it a click? Second, people are bombarded with thousands of messages every day, so you need to do something attention catching! Naturally, engaging through social networks doesn’t cut even 5% of what a future successful business person should do.

So, after having spoken to some of the most successful entrepreneurs about the types of promotions they have used to build their companies' buzz and sales, we give you the ideas:

1. Partner up!

Regardless of what your company does business with you can always team up with some other great companies and make creating of promotional products a joint venture – everything from mattresses, chocolate bars and jewellery to baby posters. This way you get to create promotional campaigns to spread the word about the industry and shed some light on cool companies in the space. When you think about it – ‘the favor’ goes both ways!

2. Use currently trending topics

Half of building a successful business is in knowing to spot the currently trending "hot topic." You need to keep an eye on the market, your field especially and be ready to compete for the position you are grabbing. 

3. Customers’ needs and wants

Before placing a product into the market, make sure you know what audiences you are launching it for. Sometimes (and often, unfortunately) – it’s not about the product but about the time you’re launching and if you’re targeting the right people. If you are struggling on the product or service you want to launch, then cruise for opportunities and see what it is that people need.

4. Video is the thing

Most people tend to stick to old-fashioned ways of promoting a product  when it’s perfectly clear that nowadays people enjoy visual and want everything a click away. When you think about it, talking pound-for-pound on engagement rates YouTube stars have it on lockdown. So, if you want your promoting of services to be successful – go video or go home! ( http://www.slideshare.net/Onboardly/the-ultimate-guide-to-startup-marketing)

5. Keep it alive!

In order to know whether you are moving in the right direction, you need your customer’s feedback. Online buzzing is one way of achieving this. Make sure you work with your users as much as possible, everybody should be engaged! ( http://www.jeffbullas.com/2014/05/14/55-ways-to-increase-engagement-with-your-target-audience/)

6. Competitions, Contests and Rewards

When users get the habit of visiting your online page (especially Twitter) on a daily basis, you are set! But, the question is – how do you inspire them to trust you and become devoted visitors of the page. Well, for starters, hold a contest for your business. Play hangman, ask trivia questions or offer a phrase to unscramble. Whoever wins, they get a discount off your services! This way, the entire internet community of your users are buzzing about your product while you get to reward only one of them – the winner. You could hold contests once a
week/month and build consistent buzz and conversation.

7. Be creative and personal about your brand and customers

Nowadays, we all ask to be blown away in order to stay still with someone or something. So, don’t be too conventional in your approach to client. Do something jaw-dropping! Surprise your users. For instance, when asked a question don’t just hit reply and write the answer down. Instead, record a video addressing them directly. Once this person sees you’ve taken the time to make a video just for them – you’ve gained some great reputation that will be talked about plenty!

8. Be online offline

Yes, exactly! Create the buzz about your product offline through following up on your users devotions to the brand with nice gestures. Send a simple (but creative!) thank you card or gifts to your current clients. This will get them talking about you online! Or, send your product to clients or brands you want to get in front of. Say, you sell kitchen goods - send along a salad chopper with some freshly made salad!

9. Go visual

If you spend a lot of time commuting, have a sticker on your car that advertises  your company. Make it creative, though – nothing plain will ever work, it’s too forgettable. Put your web address, or company’s phone number, something other commuters will have to take a good look at but will memorize straight away!