Australian Start Up Uses Machine Learning to Tackle $14.1b Global Recruitment Problem

27 March 2017, Melbourne Australia Australian science technology company Gooroo is using big data, machine learning and sociometrics to search, select and deliver qualified and verified shortlists of IT candidates.

“We’ve taken one of the most expensive, manually intensive and biased parts of the recruitment process and replaced it with data and scientific rigour,” said Gooroo CEO and Founder, Greg Muller.

“We built a platform to address the traditionally inconsistent ‘hit and miss’ nature of candidate search and shortlisting process. This alone is estimated $14.1b cost drain to organisations each year.”

The predictive technology uses machine learning based on neural networks that enables deep understanding of how skills and qualifications relate to each other. The platform is constantly being replenished with new technologies so that it can accurately match the necessary suite of skills required to support them.

“The matches are based on the analysis of in excess of 1,000 data points from both the hirer and the talent. What the platform has ostensibly done is collapse the search and screening process that can take anywhere from weeks or months, down to minutes,” said Mr Muller.

The proprietal platform, lead by Australian based Muller, uses a unique matching algorithm that predicts whether a candidate has the right holy trinity of, skills, thinking and behavioural characteristics identified by hiring managers.

“This goes well beyond the current rudimentary key word searches, or one dimensional psychometric testing that candidates can potentially manipulate. “

The matching process

Hirers are taken through a rigorous process to quantify the talents hard and soft skills. Once the criteria is set, hirers can receive a shortlist of up to 20 ranked and verified tech talent within minutes.

The hard skills are augmented with sociometric data to give hirers a complete roadmap of how a candidate thinks and behaves, and the types of environments they will flourish in.

IT professionals rank the skills they are both proficient at, and most enjoy deploying. It gives them a level control to drive their career in a direction that plays not only to their strengths, but to their preferred career aspirations and work environments. They can ‘set and forget’ and receive invitations for opportunities based on their own preferences.

About Gooroo

Gooroo uses predictive technology to match an individual’s behaviour, attitudes and capability with employer’s needs, culture and team.


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