BizSpark Start-Up Launched Microcone Voices at CES!

We are super proud of one of our Gold Coast BizSpark Start-Up's Dev Audio who recently launched their new Microcone Voices technology at CES! It's been an incredible journey for this start-up and we are excited to share some news on what they have been up to and just launched!

Microcone Voices, unveiled at CES 2013, is the latest offering from Dev-Audio to make the process of capturing group meetings easier. Microcone Voices uses Dev-Audio’s flagship Microcone to capture up to six different voices and create an interactive display to show who’s speaking when using Skype, helping to eliminate that “mumble jumble” moment when everyone has an idea at one time.

The Microcone, a small portable multi-directional USB microphone device, uses advanced microphone array technology to record and track up to six separate voices simultaneously, and adaptively reduce background noise. Also at CES 2013, Dev-Audio will be introducing Windows support for the Microcone range, including the Recorder app for tagging and recalling meetings.

About the Microcone Using advanced microphone array technology, the Microcone can record and track up to six different voices at once. The accompanying Microcone Recorder app (available for Mac OS X and Windows) indexes meetings by date, participant names and keywords, creates conversation timelines and provides the ability to tag portions of the meeting as Important, Decisions, Action or Question for reference later. An iOS app also turns an iPhone or iPad into a remote that can create tags during the meeting or end the meeting.

Since its introduction, the Microcone has won multiple awards, including the Best of Show at Macworld 2012 and an Australian International Design Award. About Dev-Audio Dev-Audio Pty Ltd is a privately held company based on Australia's Gold Coast. Dev-Audio's vision is to create the world’s leading voice processing technologies for multi-user interaction. Dev-Audio's Founder, Iain McCowan, is an experienced Research and Development Manager and Engineer, with particular expertise in Microphone Array Technology. Prior to forming Dev-Audio, he gained experience in a variety of R&D roles at the Australian CSIRO, the IDIAP Research Institute in Switzerland and the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).


Check out more about Dev-Audio at or on Twitter at @DevAudio.